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Our staff of season professionals are standing by to provide you with complimentary guidance and quotations to assist you with all engineering applications as well as code compliance issues.
Our creative dedicated design engineers, project managers design retrofit projects with you and your special needs in mind for present and future build outs.

For Your Safety

Firetronics has provided a wealth of knowledge and cutting edge in monitoring , fire detection, & fire suppression technology to American businesses. We don’t just sell a product; in an uncertain world, we offer our customers peace of mind. Unexpected fire emergencies can occur anywhere, at any time, and threaten the people and property that you hold dear. You need a partner to tackle fire threats, and no fire safety team is better equipped to help than Firetronics.
Our hands on experience has helped make us an industry leader in fire safety and suppression. Our Central Station monitoring service offers every client 24/7 system surveillance, which includes regular status emails and reports on all emergency conditions that occur in a protected facility. With a Firetronics fire safety solution, you’re never alone in safeguarding what matters to you.

For Your Property

Firetronics safeguards your property like nobody else can. Fire safety is about more than systems and technology; it’s about knowledge. Our Director of Fire Protection Services, Jim Burns, has served as the State of New York Fire Administrator for 12 years and also served as the President of the National Fire Marshall’s Association for 2 years. In that position, he developed relationships with Fire Marshalls, and safety professionals throughout the United States. These relationships facilitate open lines of communication, and help to reinforce the experience of America’s most knowledgeable fire safety team.
We know that what matters to our clients is results, and that is why our team is dedicated to surpassing our clients’ greatest expectations. Firetronics reduces false alarms, eliminates system failures, and significantly reduces the number of safety violations in businesses that we serve. Most importantly, Firetronics keeps your property safe. The Firetronics service team realizes that providing superior service at competitive pricing is what sets us apart, and all of our personnel are passionate in delivering on every promise that we make to our customers.

For Your Life

Firetronics knows that no two clients have the same needs, and we are dedicated to finding fire safety solutions that fit your situation. There’s no need to deal with multiple vendors who need to be scheduled and hired at different times; Firetronics can provide you with comprehensive fire safety solutions in one simple, efficient program. We perform all maintenance and repair work in complete compliance with all OSHA, NFPA and ICC standards.
In short, we demonstrate all of the aforementioned recommendations, enhance customer satisfaction, and provide an annual review of the bench-marking enhancements, as well as the upgrades that will be provided. Don’t risk one more day of sub-par fire safety protection. Let FireTronics safeguard the people, property, and life that you’ve worked so hard for.