Central fire alarm

The intelligent fire alarm controller  can be used with the full range of analog sensors, monitors and control modules, and
Notifier addressable pushbuttons. PBX supports equipment Opal protocol. These devices are compatible with protocols
Opal sampling loop and CLIP, so they can be mixed in a detector loop. Still, with a loop mixed protocol may be allowed a maximum
40 addresses CLIP team as part of the total of 159 159 sensors and modules.
The design of the central fire meets the requirements of EN54 Parts 2 and 4. In addition, the control panel can easily be extended with a module
optional, to meet the requirements of the standard EN54-13 when necessary failures monitor partially open circuit and short circuit partially
sounder outputs. This optional module also provides the necessary wiring connections, and input and output signals for the control and supervision
State external equipment such as fire alarm transmission, transmission failures and fire protection equipment.
The design of the central fire is based on a concept of modular assembly that provides the user with a fully flexible system. Each
Central consists of independent modules that simplify assembly installation process. The electronic components are contained within
a housing specifically designed to simplify assembly of the core; There are several housing options to meet the different
market needs.firetronics-alarm
Each plant has enough room for two sealed lead acid batteries.
The plant has an integrated communications interface series, which works with the RS485 protocol to connect with PRL-IDR6A repeaters.
You can also connect to a network with peer to peer communications and fault-tolerant ID2
net. However, the RS485 port on the motherboard is not
supported when the plant has a network card installed. Still, the connection with the repeater can be performed with RS232 / RS485 optional plate.
While making every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this manual, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the information without
The central fire and optional modules are always installed easily and when recommended procedures are followed in the guide
Basic installation or in this manual. To prevent accidental contamination of the electronic components of the plant, the manufacturer recommends
not install the electronic modules box until the rest of the workers have not completed their work.

Main components
The box contains the following electronic modules:
to. motherboard. It contains all the necessary for the completion of field wiring connectors and display boards, power supply
(FA) and microprocessor.
b. Microprocessor board. The microprocessor board is plugged into a power strip installed on the motherboard and secured with two tabs with
spring. The software (firmware) of the control panel is in the memory of the microprocessor board. It can be upgraded when needed by
Flash memory.
c. Module plate unit FA The internal module plate FA provides the necessary power for electronic components
internal of the plant. This board contains the charging circuit for battery backup in case of power failure. Normally all
power is derived from an external power supply. If the grid is unavailable, the backup batteries automatically supply
electricity for a limited period of time which is determined by the requirements of local regulations.
d. Screen plate. It is mounted on the inner face of the front door and connected via a ribbon cable to the motherboard. The screen plate
It contains all the controls and indicators of the UI. The key user access is connected to this board.
5.2.1 Optional modules
Central Fire Pearl supports the following optional installation:
to. PRL-P2P, peer network, which tolerates a single failure (see Appendix 7 Networks)
b. PRL-COM board for serial RS232 / RS485 with third party equipment (see Appendix 5 Installing optional equipment)
c. PRL-VDS plate. It provides two output circuits in accordance with EN54-13 siren. When installed, this board enables the operation of the plant
Fire Pearl in compliance with the rules of indication and control of events, as required by German industry fire when
It communicates with the German team for prescribed fires (see Appendix 5 Installing optional equipment).
d. Plate 795-131. This plate, when installed, allows the arrangement of wiring detection loops to meet the requirements of the
Benelux fire industry (see Appendix 5 Installing optional equipment).
For these functions you need to install additional modules inside the box and place them on the spacers located on the motherboard. each central
You can support a single card PRL-P2P network. However, the use of several plates PRL-COM is supported.

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