Safety of life and property is an indisputable issue.

Safety of life and property is an indisputable issue. That is why
for more than a century have been implemented alarm systems and fire detection
They are designed to detect dangerous conditions, and provide proper notification and
immediate occupants to a fire situation. To achieve action measures
pre captive to such an emergency, preventing or at least reducing deaths and losses
because of a fire.
The fire alarm systems have evolved with the fieldextinguisher-157772_1280
electronics regarding control and achieving more efficient communication systems
they can perform various functions and integrate other systems to achieve improved security.
Despite the great advances in alarms the main objective is and will continue
It remains the same over the years. Thanks to these systems of protection of life and
property is that the human being increasingly drives reach higher goals every day. this
has it demonstrated the growing number of construction projects, where is
make the most of the new techniques and design technologies fire alarms
to achieve increasingly reliable and secure facilities. To enforce this the
designer must demonstrate that the proposal and team performance to exceed choose
requirements given by the NFPA 72 for each type of installation.
For this reason is that there has been a large study in this area, only the [Association
National Fire Protection NFPA or] (National Fire Protection Association) has
published around 290 codes, standards, best practices and guidelines. As
NFPA initial concept is the agency responsible for studying the standards for good
development of fire protection systems, it should be noted that the NFPA does not approve, inspect or certify any installations, procedures, equipment or materials, nor
approve or evaluate testing laboratories. NFPA only studies and list the necessary rules
for the proper design and installation of fire sprinkler systems.
This focuses on the protection and fire prevention systems design. These standards are
developed by committees of experts in the field, where knowledge meet these
well qualified people have learned over many years of experience. these committees
They are users, staff insurers, researchers, technicians and installers formed
consumers, among others; always carefully chosen by the National Association of
Fire Protection (NFPA).
Thanks to these investigations is born this type of standards and codes the
which serve to guide designers.
That is why the main objective of this work is to provide the necessary information
on the different elements that make up a fire alarm, and provide
information required when making a design.
For this reason it is intended to study the theory of fire suppression systems, where
analyze the basic design requirements of different types of buildings as
dictates the NFPA 101 Standard called “Code of Safety of Life”, where
They mention the requirements for buildings in order to achieve a correct and
practical installation of fire alarm systems.
With regard to detection systems and fire alarm Standard be studied
NFPA 72-2002 “National Fire Alarm Code” ( “NFPA 72 National
Alarm Code “). the minimum criteria which must meet established system in which
fire detection and alarm system to ensure reliability and robustness. Within this work
a basic guide will be made to understand that standard management and develop
practical examples where these guidelines are implemented in an illustrative manner.
However the work of a detection system and fire alarms does not end with
the design and installation of it, but to be performed periodically to inspections
corroborate its operation and preventive maintenance so that in this way
to ensure the proper functioning of this over time. That is why it is
will make a guide cases to follow to carry out an inspection and testing
maintenance of a fire alarm system according to the requirements of the Standard
NFPA 72. This will take place in the field and its documentation was made. Also I know
study the basic elements for the implementation of a system of detection and
fire alarm.
Today only a few companies in Costa Rica dedicated to the installation
This type of protection systems of life. So we want to motivate this issue is
increasingly common among professionals in the country again. Achieving meet this need, and
achieving a more secure and reliable life. Since it is a security issue about life, you must
It is taken with full responsibility for the case.

Posted on: 05/24/2016, by : Starlyn Tejada