Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Northeast Reach

Firetronics is presently managing fire protection services in NY, NJ, PA, and CT.

—We can easily perform all of the services in the pilot program as the services were initially recommended by our company.

—We are prepared to open the following additional offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Albany, NY, Boston, MA, as well as Concord, NH, we can rely on steady work flow to cover our investment of time, capital and resources.

—We have a network of manufacturer installers and service companies we work closely with to achieve more reach for our clients.

2. Geographic Footprint.

—Firetronics geographic footprint for self performing without the use of partners is: NY, NJ, CT, and the majority of PA-with the exception of Philadelphia where we utilize strategic partners.

—We can perform inspections on the fire protection systems with our personnel and have our strategic partners file the local applications when necessary and also respond to emergency service calls in other states.

3. Do you work with Partners?

—We have numerous, long established relationships with well respected companies which we have built a strategic alliance with and due to our purchasing power as well as our large service base, we are in a position to pass on extremely competitive rates to medium to large companies.

4. Is Firetronics licensed by the FDNY to perform fire protection services in NYC?

Firetronics is licensed to install, inspect, test and repair fire alarm systems. We are also certified by FDNY to inspect, test and certify smoke detection systems. and we have had a strategic partnership agreement for many years with Park Sales.

5. Does Firetronics have the staff in place to manage a roster of sub-contractors for areas that you don’t self-perform?

—Yes, we have the staff, the expertise, as well as the connections to manage a roster of sub-contractors provided we have definite commitments.

—We are also expanding our other operations and purchasing other competitors.

6. Do you currently have the capabilities to support the needs of a big company?

—We are thoroughly familiar with all kinds of properties and how we can provide detailed services and we can make positive measurable recommendations which shall eliminate lost time and give us more control to assist you.

—We have over $1.5 million in inventory in our Secaucus office, (which we would like to display to you) consisting of numerous unavailable replacement parts for the older Pyrotronics and other fire alarm systems.

—Please be advised that we are familiar with the operations of the telecommunications industries and facilities as we have provided services to this industry and many others for years.

—There are numerous additional items Firetronics can help regarding the enhancement of services with this account. Please keep in mind that Firetronics has developed certain custom priority ideas in software in a good faith manner to facilitate enhanced premier services to expand our relationship with your needs. We know how to help on this account and we need to develop a closer understanding of your vision moving forward.